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Medicare Dental Information

Medicare Advantage
Due to the rapid growth of Medicare Advantage, including dental plans, we want to empower you with information so that you may best attend to your patients’ needs.  To learn more about Medicare Advantage plans and how they benefit you, simply click on the links below to review the articles.

*Please note that the www.uhcdental.com provider web site is for MediCARE members. If you are looking to verify eligibility & benefits for MediCAID or Dual Special Needs Plans (DSNP), please click on the Community & State Tile to be redirected and login to that Home page.

If a member has the Platinum Rider, you will be able to see this on the member's ID Card and you will be able to verify eligibility & benefits on www.uhcdental.com. This is the only system exception at this time.

Provider Quick Reference Guide (QRG) for Medicare Advantage Plans
2021 Quick Reference Guide for Medicare Advantage Plans
2020 Quick Reference Guide for Medicare Advantage Plans

Quarterly Medicare Newsletters/Articles
Medicare Advantage Article/Newsletter - Q4 2020
Medicare Advantage Article/Newsletter - Q3 2020
Medicare Advantage Article/Newsletter - Q1-Q2 2020
Medicare Advantage Article/Newsletter - Q4 2019
Medicare Advantage Article/Newsletter - Q3 2019
Medicare Advantage Article/Newsletter - Q2 2019
Medicare Advantage Article/Newsletter - Q1 2019


CDT 2020 Codes
As of 1-1-2020, Dental Benefit Providers will retire all non-active CDT 2020 Codes.  All claims submitted for procedures performed after 1-1-2020, with the retired codes, will be denied and returned with Invalid Procedure Code on the EOB.  For more information, please see the following:

CDT 2020 Crosswalk - Code Additions, Retired Codes and Nomenclature Changes

Provider Direct Mailings
Understanding the Medical ID Card
Provider Cheat Sheet

Do you need to submit a dental claim?  Click here for more information and to submit a claim.

For a complete guide to Medicare, please refer to: